tips for 3D printing a mold

How to: Create a Rubber Prototype Using a 3D Printed Mold



I want an LED light-up cock

I came across an interesting example of Arduino used in a sex toy–

The Hammer

“It contains two force sensors, a strip of individually addressible RGB LED’s, and an accelerometer. It connects to a custom-built prototype Arduino shield, and I programmed it using the Arduino software development environment. The toy itself is made of platinum cure, body-safe silicone.”




weaving code

This week we had a weaving workshop with Mary Smull and learned how to read, write and draw a weave draft. I had taken a weaving class with Mary a few years ago and was already familiar with the process of weaving, but my interest in it at the time was informed primarily by my fiber background. In the workshop, we discussed its parallels to coding and the binary nature of the woven structure, and how the medium has evolved to function as a complex system with layers of coding (threading of harnesses, configuration of treadles, weaving of individual picks).

IMG_5777weave drafts

grasshopperweaving_01simulation of the weave structure in rhino/grasshopper